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We didn't think that designer and blogger Gabi Gregg could top the cute AF plus-size clothing line, Premme, which she recently launched with Nicolette Mason, but then she releases yet another incredibly cool collaboration, this time in the lingerie space.

Gregg is teaming wholesale bikinis up with U.K.-based intimates brand Playful Promises on a capsule collection of plus-size lingerie called Gabi Fresh x Playful Promises. And it really is one of the most inclusive ones out there: Bra sizes range from 36B to 44I, while briefs and pajamas are available in sizes 12 to 24. The price point isn't too shabby, either all the pieces in this collaboration are under 50.

Gabi Fresh x Playful Promises addresses a gap within the current lingerie market: verrrrry few sexy options for plus-size shoppers.

"I wear a 38 double-H cup, so I'm on the larger end of cup sizes even in the plus-size community," Gregg tells Glamour. "Even when I'm shopping at plus-size stores for lingerie, a lot of times they'll have cool and cute designs up to like a DDD and then after that it's just beige and boring or black and basic. I was just looking to provide supportive options for larger cup sizes that are still super sexy and have those design elements that are so awesome those boring options that come in larger cup sizes."

Given this all-too-real complaint, Gregg's collection is a fresh alternative to the purely supportive pieces she recalls having to buy from other stores.

Yes, the Playful Promises capsule features a lot of black, but the pieces have an edge to them: Design elements like straps, mesh, and garter belts make the products far cooler than your average bra. Basic pieces, be gone Gregg wants her name only on lingerie pieces that can stand out on their own, like the styles Playful Promises is known for. "I saw that that's what [Playful Promises was] doing, and so I immediately was excited to work with them when they approached me about doing this collaboration," she says. Case in point: the strappy bra, which she describes as a compliment magnet. "Last week at Fashion Week, I wore the bra under our Premme satin trench and it looked amazing together," she remembers. "And I had people coming up to me and asking what I was wearing, and it just felt so good. I've said that when you have a good foundation or are wearing sexy underwear, you kind of walk through your day with your head held higher."

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It's not new balance 420 womens maroon uncommon for athletes to put out an extremely successful kind of shoe. Lots of people have LeBrons or Durants or Melos.

Now, Under Armour has a new cleat made for Julio Jones. Hoping to get your hands on some new Julios? Well that's too bad! They're one-of-a-kind. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"Under Armour built me a cleat from the ground up," Jones said after practice Thursday. "It's working good for me. They made it wider. There's a steel shank the bottom as well. They made a great cleat for me."

The shoes were made to help Jones get back to the field quicker after having foot surgery in the offseason. And apparently running with a steel shank in his shoes isn't causing him to be any less productive on the field.

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Its just as important to have a kiss my lingerie comfortable bra for every day as it is to have a special occasion sexy bra. While I cant change myundergarments 10 times a day to fit my different moods or activity levels, itis nice to have a variety to choose from so that I can comfortably combat theday ahead. So whether youre looking for something cozy to wear at the officeor something sleek to fit under a strapless dress, Ive got you covered with mylist of nine essential undergarments.

I am an undergarment fanatic; in fact, its a running jokethat I have so much underwear I dont need to do laundry for a year. The reasonI love bras and panties much is because they set the tone for my outfit. WhenIm staying in on Sunday, I dont match my undergarments and my outfit is morecasual, but when I go out for dinner, my undergarments are put together and myoutfit is more pristine. While this may not be the case for everyone, I dothink having the right undergarments is necessary for a good outfit.

If you are due for a new bra or just love lingerie like me,scroll down to see my nine favorite undergarments that you should have in your underwear drawer, too.

1. The Comfortable T-Shirt BraI personally prefer a t-shirt bra withunderwire, but depending on your breast size or whether you want more of a liftor not, wire is up to you. Just make sure to find one that is both comfortable and discreet — you don't want to be able to see it under your little white tee.

2. The Barely There ThongThere are some clothes that are so tight they even show thong lines. Instead of going commando, try a micro fiber thong in a nudetone.

3. The Strapless/Convertible BraOnce you find a strapless bra that you don't have to tug on all night, stick with it, because finding a good strapless bra is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

4. The Cheeky PantyThe cheeky panty is more comfortable than athong, and more sexy than a boy short. It is the "just right" panty for your everyday needs.

5. The Sexy BraThe black lace bra is the lingerie equivalent to the little black dress. Every woman should have one because you never know when you might have a sexy date, and it's always good to be prepared.

6. The Sports BraWhether you work out daily or just hike on occasion, it's always smart to have a heavy duty sports bra. Also, seeing a sports bra in your underwear drawer is a great reminder to get moving!

7. The Push Up BraA girl can use some lift every now and again, so make sure you have an amazing push up bra on hand. If you are looking for a lot of cleavage, try a silicone padded bra, or if you want more subtle lift, try a demi cup bra with underwire.

8. The Tried-And-True ThongThis is that thong that you own 25 pairs of; it is lightweight and comfortable and it doesn't feel like butt floss. This is your everyday go-to, and more likely than not, it is some version of the Hanky Panky lace thong.

9. The Comfortable ComboI kiss my lingerie like to think of this as your Sunday lounging lingerie. It's either your matching Calvin Klein's or your wireless bra and favorite boyshorts. Whatever the combo, make sure you have lingerie to do some serious lounging in.

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Heidi Klums new partnership with Bendon is a big deal. kiss my lingerie Not only will it be sold in David Jones, Myer and worldwide in 1800 stores, but Klum is replacing Elle Macpherson (a.k.a The Body) after 25 years as the creative director and face of the lingerie line, a move that sees the name change from Elle Macpherson Intimates to Heidi Klum Intimates. Klum arrived in Sydney the day before Australia Day and has been on a whirlwind launch circuit thats included media dinners, in-store appearances and a visit to Taronga Zoo. Vogue had the chance to sit down with the 41-year-old German supermodel to ask her all about Heidi Klum Intimates and find out whats in her lingerie drawer.

How did your relationship with Bendon come about?They called me and said theyve been working with Elle Macpherson for the last 25 years and they wanted a new designer and a new face for the brand. I said I would love to do that. We had a few meetings and I looked at all the lingerie that theyve done. Because I was with Victorias Secret for so long, I hadnt really seen what other companies had done.

Did anything surprise or challenge you about designing lingerie?No, not really. I would like to introduce sexier lingerie. I love when you see more skin. Im not a huge fan of gigantic cups, for example. I want to bring out more ultra-specialty bras, you know, for that strange neckline. Sometimes you have a plunging neckline or a really low-cut back and there isnt anything like that right now. I feel like so many girls are looking for that. You know, I have seamstresses that help me sometimes with these things but most people cant do that.

Do you have any tips for buying lingerie?Definitely, women should get measured. I think that a lot of girls are running around with the wrong bra size. Theyre always pulling, and tucking, and moving, you know, but they dont realise that their bra size has changed, or maybe theyve been wearing the wrong one for too many years already.

How do you wash your lingerie?I wash mine normally in the washing machine. If you have beautiful ones with rhinestones or tassels and you want to make sure they dont come off, then I would suggest putting them in a little laundry bag that can go into the washing machine. But I dont really do that.

How can women feel more confident in lingerie?If you dont feel comfortable in it, then dont buy it. If you spend the money, you want to wear and feel great in it. A lot of girls probably buy stuff and fantasise about wearing it but the price tag is still on it because they actually never wore it. I like to wear super sexy lingerie and Im not much of a cotton girl, so I feel confident in it.

What pieces of lingerie do kiss my lingerie you think every woman should have in her wardrobe?I cant generalise on that. Its not like having a great pair of jeans and a blazer and a black heel and a white T-shirt; it doesnt really work like that. Its a very personal thing so everyone is so different. A lot of girls love a super comfortable cotton bra, which, for example, is not in my drawer. Im always a lace girl – even for the daytime, even if I wear a T-shirt, I prefer having a little bit of lace underneath.

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Bring out the champagne cocktails kiss my lingerie and don your favorite itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini, because Sept. 13 marks the night of the Miss America 2016 competition. If you're anything like me, though, you may be asking yourself: When did the bikini category of Miss America start? I mean, just picture your stereotypical Miss America contestant. I'm willing to bet most people instantly conjure up an image of an immaculately preened woman dressed in heels and a brightly colored bikini. But that, my friend, is a big question to ask.

As many avid Miss America super-fans will know, Miss America began as a swimsuit competition between eight contestants held in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1921, gradually beginning to include formalwear and competitor talent acts as its popularity increased. The pageant was met with mixed reactions during the Great Depression, with suggestions that it prompted loose morals. It wasn't until the Parisian engineer Louis Reard and fashion designer Jacques Heim designed the modern bikini in 1946 that the pageant world really began to be divided.

The 1946 Miss America contest made a point of issuing contestants matching bikinis designed to clearly show their stomachs. Following public backlash from Roman Catholic protesters, however, the competition then dropped the two-piece from its lit of acceptable swimwear in 1947, replacing the previous year's standard issue bikinis with the more modest (and frankly ridiculously itchy looking) cable-knit swimsuit. Those were notoriously so uncomfortable that they were affectionately nicknamed "bulletproof vests."

Around this time, the first Miss World Contest was also met with controversy, as 1951's Swedish winner Kiki Hakansson's crowning in a bikini led to competing countries with religious backgrounds threatening to withdraw delegates. Pope Pius XII even declared the swimsuit "sinful." In fact, Hakansson remains to this day the first and only Miss World contestant to be crowned in a bikini. Following this uproar, the poor bikini disappeared from the pageant world completely, with protestors in the '70s and '80s commenting that the Miss World and Miss America swimsuit contests were degrading to women.

This continued all the way until 1994, when The Miss America Organization asked Miss America viewers to vote on whether to drop the swimsuit round of the contest entirely. The vast majority voted to keep it, and from there, a domino effect of gradually relaxed attitudes began. In 1997, 77 years after the first Miss America contest, the 51 contestant were for the first time allowed to choose their own swimsuits, with two contestants choosing to don bikinis. This led to Erika Kauffmann representing Hawaii, winning the "briefest bikini of all" award and, consequently, the swimsuit round in its entirety.

Since the end of the 20th kiss my lingerie century, the bikini has become one of the most popular beachwear outfits worn around the globe, which research associate Beth Dincuff Charleston at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art attributes to "a social leap, involving heightened body consciousness, moral concerns, and social attitudes." But boy, has it been one heck of a journey to get here.

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It's common kiss my lingerie knowledge that your online dating profile pictures have a huge impact, but a new study by auction-style dating site WhatsYourPrice sheds light on how certain kinds of pictures can actually affect your likelihood to get a date.

The study used data from its 50,000 most-clicked-on users to determine what type of pictures its most successful users were uploading to their profiles. While the average woman on WhatsYourPrice is offered a measly 120 dates during a six-month period (!), she can increase her odds of getting a date tenfold with one simple solution: posting a bikini picture. Color me shocked.

Unfortunately, this data perpetuates the idea that women's bodies are worth more than their personalities, and that the best way to a man's heart is through his penis. If a woman shows off her body, it's appealing, at least until she shows too much confidence, at which point she is a "slut." Of course, I can't make a judgment call about all the users of WhatsYourPrice, but it is a little disheartening to see that by posing half-naked, a woman is suddenly much more likely to get offered a date.

Here's a list of three other things the study says will help women get a date (that you can feel free to ignore completely):

1. Posing with a drink in hand This is one of the most unsettling statistics the study produced: Women pictured with a drink in hand were seven times as likely to get a date — which is reminiscent of the larger problem of alcohol-related consent issues. Sure, you could argue that a woman shown holding a drink might attract men because she looks "fun" or "carefree," but it could also mean that men are more interested in women who party because their inhibitions might be lowered, making them more likely to have sex (regardless of consen).

2. Travel PicturesI totally understand the merits of travel, but it makes me sad to think that I am eight times as likely to get a date if I have scenic, worldly pictures attached to my profile in lieu of "boring" stateside photos. Personally, I am not the jet-setting type — that shit is expensive, and I don't want to be passed over simply because I can't afford to parasail in Bora Bora or bake macarons in Paris. No passport, no problem is my new motto.

3. Wearing a DressSeriously, what's with the pressure to be feminine, especially in your online dating profile? Gender is a construct, people, and we shouldn't be three times as likely to ask someone out just because she's wearing a dress instead of a boss-ass pantsuit. Wear what you want, because any potential partner who is mature and worthwhile will ask you out even if you're wearing a turtleneck and mustard-stained sweatpants in your profile picture.

At the end of the kiss my lingerie day, the most important thing to remember is that you shouldn't have to present yourself a certain way to appeal to potential partners. While the study in no way suggests that you should feel obligated to upload any of these kinds of pictures, the stats are still an eye-opening reminder of the pressure and expectations placed on women to appear a certain way in order to be "desirable." As a human being with agency, it is not your job to appear a certain way in order to attract someone — you're desirable just the way you are. If you want to post a bikini pic, post a bikini pic. If not, that's totally OK too. I bet you'll get some amazing dates either way.

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A slew of celebrities kiss my lingerie have seemingly created their own clones, fromCindy Crawfords daughterKaia Gerberfollowing in her modeling footsteps toReese Witherspoon's daughter Ava causing double takes on the red carpet. Now, it seemsKate Beckinsaleand her 18-year-old daughter Lilyhave joined the ranks of look-alike mother-daughters in Hollywood.

The duo flaunted their good genes in parallel Instagram snaps in their bikinis on Monday, sparking many fans to comment on Lily's similarity to her famous mom.

"Got her mom's legs," one commenter observed, while another added, "Like her mother."

The 43-year-old actress has never been shy about showing off her toned bodyon social media, but her vacation snaps are giving fans all kinds of envy. On top of her mirror selfie in a bandeau-style top and matching floral bottoms, Kate shared a shot of her lounging in a net above crystal clear water.

"Float float and some funny marks on your bum when you get up," she captioned the image.

Meanwhile, Lily is also taking her tropical getaway as an excuse to up her Instagram game. She joked about her "really busy day" while posting a photo of her donning a red bikini top paired with high-cut floral bottoms that highlighted her legs. Lily shields her eyes from the sun and holds a scuba mask on the picturesque beach.

Although a fan once confusedSarah Silvermanfor Kate's daughter, the comedian— who is close to the star and dates Lily's father, Michael Sheen— is a welcomed part of Lily's life.

I really love as well, kiss my lingerie and we are really lucky that we both get on, and Lily gets on great with her," Katetoldin December. Having as many strong females in your teenage daughter’s life as possible is a good thing."

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When it comes to following kiss my lingerie "hand wash" directions on your intimates, raise your hand if you, well, . Okay, so I can't see any of you, but I'm guessing most of you have both hands in the air. I'm with you. That's why it's a timesaving (and clothes-saving) miracle that there are gorgeous lingerie pieces that are machine-washable in the world. But with these pieces, you won't have to sacrifice pretty styles for basic or boring ones that your washing machine won't tear apart.

Despite popular belief, you really can have your cake and eat it, too. With a sheer mesh panty you can toss in the wash, you won't have to worry about elastic becoming loose in the laundry or having to hand-wash to keep the material from becoming rough. Plus, you won't find yourself constantly wearing out bras, once you've found a sheer bralette that doesn't change shape or tear in your washing machine.

So, dive into this time-saving round-up of the perfect bras, panties, and other lingerie pieces that won't be destroyed on your laundry days. The struggle may be real, but the new washer-friendly pieces you'll add to your drawers will solve all of your hand-wash lazy woes.

Supportive Lace Bra Can Be Worn Five Different Ways Torrid Multi-Way Bra (Sizes 44C-46D), $54, AmazonThis multi-way bra has smooth and shiny convertible straps, which allow you to wear the piece five different ways: Classic, strapless, halter, cross-back, and even asymetric for those tricky one-shoulder tops and dresses. The comfortable, satin-smooth straps pair well with the sexy lace trim, and even if you decide to make this bra strapless, it gives considerable support to larger cup sizes. Pro Tip: Machine-wash this bra in cold water, and then hang to dry.

Sheer Lace Brief Panty Features Thoughtful DetailsSculptresse By Panache Plus-Size Deedee Brief (Sizes 16-26), $38, AmazonThis sheer mesh panty comes in an eye-catching deep coral color, and its gorgeous floral lace embroidery adds the thoughtful detail many machine-washable cotton undies are lacking. From the scalloped edge, down to the cute animal print bow detail, this panty will become your new fave, so you'll be thankful that it's machine-washable.

Silky Satin Chemise Stays Comfortable All NightEkouaer Satin Nightgown Chemise (Sizes S-2XL), $14-$17, Amazon

A comfortable and sexy lounge slip that you can toss in the wash? Perfect. This lacey, silky smooth nightie looks awesome on many shapes and sizes, and its adjustable straps let you customize the neckline to fit your preference. The A-line silhouette keeps the fabric from being constrictive while you sleep, and one fan praised this chemise for being soft and never squeezing her in the uncomfortable spots.

Stretchy Lace Thong Can Be Machine Washed DriedAeropostale Cheetah Lace Thong (Sizes XS-XL), $5, AmazonIt's not very often that you come across a pretty thong that can be tossed in the wash — having the lace become rough and irritating against your skin (forreal, though). This wear-under-anything nude pair (with its cute and subtle animal print), is the comfortable exception. Its spandex and nylon fabric features a super-stretch fit, and it can be machine washed dried. Insert Emoji Praise Hands here.

Soft Lingerie Set Provides Two Pretty Pieces In OneMs Demon Lace Lingerie Set (Sizes 2-14), $28, AmazonThis floral lace lingerie set comes with a matching thong and super soft sheer nightie, featuring adjustable straps for extra comfort when you spend time in the sheets. Between wears, this set can be thrown in the laundry in a wash bag before being hung to air dry. With this option, you won't have to worry about the gorgeous lace hem being destroyed while you save time without having to hand wash.

Wireless Bra Provides Support Without Weighty Padding Lula Lu Petites Wireless Bra (Sizes 32A-36A), $56, AmazonHaving a bra with heavy padding can feel uncomfortable and overwhelming. This wireless lace trimmed bra is designed to give a secure amount of comfortable, natural-looking support to smaller frames, in particular. With this bra, you won't experience that annoying cup gapping that can happen with too-big bras. One user recommends throwing this piece in the laundry in a wash bag, then following with air drying for the best results.

Sheer Bralette Offers Secure Fit With Double StrapsMeshMe Heidi Lace Triangle Bralette (Sizes S/M-M/L), $11, Amazon Attractive lingerie doesn't have to be all push-up and padding, if you're not into that. To keep things sexy while keeping comfort levels at an all-time high (I'm talking the next-best-thing to no bra under your sweatshirt), sport this floral lace bralette, which can be machine washed on gentle. It has double adjustable straps to create your comfiest fit and offers support .

Lacy Leg Detail Feels As Comfy As BoyshortsAngelina Lace Full-Coverage Briefs (Sizes S-3XL), $30-$42, Amazon

These lace panties have a high-rise fit that hits right at your waist, and their breathable cotton and stretchy lace fabric will help you stay comfortable all day and night. For best results, machine wash these briefs in a lingerie laundry bag and hang to dry. One user praised this pair, pointing out that "The lace edging looks like decor, but is actually a fully functional part of the design," saying these are essentially supremely comfortable granny panties in disguise.

Microfiber Bra Stays Smooth kiss my lingerie Line-Free Under ClothesLaura Ashley Floral Plunge Bra (Sizes 34B-36D), $13, AmazonNothing's better than finding a great bra that looks and feels invisible under an outfit. This comfortable microfiber demi bra is lightly lined with underwire for support, and it has moderate a push-up fit to give you a little bit of lift. Pro Tip: Machine-wash this bra, and let it line dry to help it maintain its shape.


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